The Bank Heist in Gotham city bank

the joker robber mask from the dark knightThe Dark Knight bank heist planning in the old gotham city bank is complete. Members selected and masks are in route for delivery. This will send a message to the mob dealers and rulers. If this doesn’t get their attention they are truly lost. The batman will soon be the least of their problems.

3 masked thugs (including me with the alias of “Bozo”) to enter the bank’s lobby and subdue the employees, security guards, and clients, while two others swing onto the roof from an adjacent office building, one to disable the silent alarm before it could be tripped, and another to open the vault.

Unknown to any of the thugs, double-crosses, that would end with me being the only one left alive at the same moment the robbery was completed. Make sure to order the bus and driver to act as the escape vehicle.

While on their way to the bank, after picking up “Bozo,” as the others arrive on the roof.

Happy and Dopey will arrive on the roof. Dopey, after disabling the alarm, will be taken out by Happy, who makes his way to the vault. Happy will then reach the bank vault and set up a device to bore open a hole to access the locks. The vaults should not be wired with electrical.

Bozo, Grumpy, and Chuckles storm into the bank lobby to pacify those within, with Grumpy tackling the security guard. This included an ingenious touch by which I place grenades into the terrified customers’ hands and pull the pins, ensuring they could do nothing with their hands except hold on.

The bus driver and I load the cash into the bus, before he is taken out.

Merge smoothly into a line of other school buses, just as the GCPD starts arriving from the opposite direction. As a result of the heist, $68,000,000.

the joker impression heath ledger on youtube by the joker box
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