How the elite control everything. Hitler and Disney are the same person

One way the elite (Committee 300), Rockefellers, bilderberg group, control everything.

Adolph Hitler and Walt Disney are played by the same person in life. The ELITE (Committee 300) who run the world, use these actors to stage events. Everything you know is not real. The television and all forms of media have lied to you!
NOW you will think I’m crazy and I’m fine with that but I want to bring this up. It’s very interesting and worth the research. I understand how this will sound and I’m still looking into it. This has been said on hundreds of sites and worth looking into. I will start by saying that EVERYTHING you know has been a lie. With the covid hoax to con people into staying in their homes under house arrest, lying about no ventilators, lying about crowded hospitals, lying about the “viral” alien video that shot up on youtube in a day, then was forgotten about, sandy hook for gun control, Boston marathon, 911 (no planes) and more….here it goes…
The actors and politicians you see in the world are nothing more than actors! Actors playing the part of ACTORS in Hollywood and politicians. when an actor dies, they don’t really die. THEIR CHARACTER DIES and they move on to play another role in this world. A role created by the elite. COMMITTEE 300. I urge you to search on your own.
So if Tom Cruise dies, he won’t really die, his character of Tom Cruise in this world dies. The actor playing Tom Cruise goes on to play another role. Here’s an example from the website I will post down below. The actor in life playing Walt Disney also played hitler. I know, I know, but the ear biometrics do not lie! Ear biometrics are more advanced than fingerprints or retinal scans.

adolph hitler and walt disney are the same person

Here is one site the ELITE (Committee 300) HATE! It has been proven over and over. You think makeup in Hollywood looks good in movies? Makeup jobs on actors playing the parts of actors are done by genius techs. The elite do not mess around. THEY want this world as their own and this has started since the printing press in the 1800s. THEY have been fooling people ever since.

adolph hitler and walt disney are the same

War of the Worlds on the radio? in the 1920s? THAT was one of the first experiments to see how the population would freak out. THOUSANDS of people left their homes, really thinking the world was under attack by aliens.
Think for yourselves. Use your gut and check this site.