the dark knight joker impression: heath ledger. pizza order prank call

the dark knight joker orders a pizza from gotham city police. Heath Ledger joker impression. pizza prank calls. your cat is in my garden. The joker prank calls gotham city police department again.

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The Joker heath ledger impression during twitch gameplay.



The Joker Box is a tribute to Heath Ledger and his portrayal of the joker via joker impressions from the dark knight. Online gaming with the joker impression narrates gameplay and short skits complete the joker box channel.

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Best Joker Heath Ledger impression tutorial with makeup

The dark knight is one of my favorite films, obviously. The joker impression is something many people have strived for, with only a handful doing it properly. Heath Ledger’s joker is a massively-iconic character, due to Heath’s perfect execution of the role.

Heath Ledger joker impression from the dark knight
Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger is one of my favorite actors and has been for years. The first film I saw him in was A Knights Tale…a truly awesome film. Whether you are a fan of Heath’s or not, you will love this film. It has everything from well-written and timed comedy to a fantastic story line.

The joker impression of Heath Ledger, for me, is something that happened by accident. Long story short, I worked up the courage to post a video, waiting for ridicule from viewers. Comic book fans are severe in their art and I was thinking it would be a matter of days before I took it down. I dreaded uploading my first video.

As it turns out, many people loved it and I got better at it. A couple videos later showed really nice comments from people so I started the YouTube channel as a tribute to Heath Ledger, THE JOKER BOX on YouTube. It’s a lot of fun as you can imagine. It would be really nice to have a small crew to help out but at the moment, it is just me.

heath ledger joker impression by me

If you’re interested in doing the Joker impression, check out my videos on the YouTube channel and watch the Dark Knight over and over. Study how Heath talks and how he “hits the notes.” Voice impressions are like singing. You need to match the same notes and fluctuations. It’s practice and it’s a lot of fun when you get it right.

The Joker has always been one of my favorite villains.

Many have demanded I become the next Joker in another film. That praise is awesome to hear and makes me want to continue The Joker Box channel. I’m happy you’re happy and entertained. I know I can always do better with the impression. Being the Joker in a film would be so much fun, as I have been an audio engineer, photographer and video editor for 25 years each. I love working in production. So, Christopher Nolan, if you’re thinking of doing another film with the joker, I’m interested. It would be so much fun.

Here’s a recent video I made of the Joker impression. Hope you like it.

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Karma’s a B – The Joker impression

Karma’s a B. There was once a girl who was thin. She said to her mom, “don’t you wish you could be like me?” Watch the video to find out the rest. The Joker Box


the joker impression heath ledger on youtube by the joker box
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the joker impression I Just Do Things

The Joker calls. Phone rings. I’m on the other end, or am I? I didn’t rig those charges. I’m like a dog chasing cars….I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I…… caught it…….


the joker impression heath ledger on youtube by the joker box
The Joker Box on YouTube

The Joker back in Gotham city

My return to Gotham city was met with boredom. Not quite how I remember it. No sign of the batman. Time to make for new arrangements and recruits.



the joker impression heath ledger on youtube by the joker box
The Joker Box on YouTube