Burazers TV

You have to be an actor im NeXT joker i mean Darko Knight do something


Dark Knight is the closest thing to actual magic in cinema. That world was alive and breathing. Why does anyone who lives in Gotham, stay in Gotham? Real estate must be cheap. Thanks for this. Great videos.

snowbricks studios

Let’s wind the clocks back a year. These cops and lawyers wouldn’t dare cross any of you…… what happened? Did your balls drop off? Hmm?

jeremy smith

Mr. Joker have u ever ordered A (happy) Meal At McDonalds that should be your next video ordering food with your accent that would be cool

Aaron A

Excellent job, but you went a little easy on Gambol’s grandma.

mistah J

but can u do the laugh?? Batman must take off his mask and turn himself in..Oh and every day he doesn’t..people will die..Starting tonight. .Im a man of my wooord. HeeHeeHaHa! ! That’s what I wanna see..hear

Melvin Ramos

Dude your awesome with it lmao I love it 😁😂🤣🤙🏼